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Amy Myers
 Spectral Bond, Light as Spiral
 September 9 - October 11, 2015

Myers grew up with a physicist father and spent her childhood engaged in dialogues regarding the nature of the universe and scientific experimentation, and studying books concerning the molecular world and subatomic phenomena. Her drawings reflect her ongoing interest in Newtonian physics, which describes the behavior of the physical world at the macroscopic level, as well as her engagement with Quantum Mechanics, which delves more deeply and takes into account the fundamentally unpredictable nature of the universe at the particle level. She notes that “the constant changing nature of all things drives my work and guides my process.”
For this exhibition, Myers has created drawings in graphite, gouache, pastel and conté crayon in a wide range of sizes, from small-scale to 90 x 92 inches. Rather than working on a single piece of paper, multiple sheets of paper are added as the demands of her complex and imaginative compositions expand. The seams of the paper function as a system of latitude and longitude and aid in the creation of her drawings.
In Myers’ meticulously rendered drawings, a language of patterned and repeating abstract forms is combined with arcing, spiraling linear elements in multifaceted and fantastical compositions. The compositions are always symmetrical, though not necessarily centered on the paper, and the individual elements do not exactly mirror one another. Shapes open up, curve inward and out and evolve into other forms. The forms swoop and undulate, radiating from a central core or a darker cavity. In some instances they exhibit a centrifugal effect or appear to be rotating in space. Translucency is exploited to create dimensionality in space and to allow multiple elements to co-exist and overlap. The overall sensation is of unseen gravitational forces and elemental collisions coalescing into a singular moment of spatial and physical expansion.
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