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Julie Allen, Mel Bernstine,
Lori Ellison,Jason Karolak,
Gary Petersen

December 9 - December 23, 2016

McKenzie Fine Art is pleased to announce a two-week-only exhibition of drawings on paper by five gallery artists: Julie Allen, Mel Bernstine, Lori Ellison, Jason Karolak, and Gary Petersen. Julie Allen has long mined personal memories of domestic pleasures in her sculptures and drawings. Her finely drawn, colored pencil depictions of panties bring her investigations to a more playful and intimate level. In intuitively rendered compositions of tile-like geometries, Mel Bernstine creates abstractions with a water-based marker on black mountboard. They explore his interest in the concept of emergence, the appearance of patterns and complexity from a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions. Lori Ellison (1958-2015) was well-known for her small-scaled abstract drawings of repeated geometric and organic forms in ballpoint pen on lined notebook paper. Created with a devotional intensity, the vibrant and colorful works on view here also employ marking pen, which lends a chromatic vivacity to these works. Jason Karolakís linear drawings are made with ink on paper and suggest sculptural or architectural structures in space. Deftly executed but distinctly hand-drawn, Karolak creates volume and movement through his varying handling of line density and tonalities of black. In Gary Petersenís rhythmic and angular drawings, the artist creates a field of irregular geometric shapes in pastel-colored acrylics which is articulated with fine lines in colored ink. He creates a sense of spatial depth in his work by overlapping thicker lines and geometric shapes, many with window-like openings, in a dense black graphite.
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